How to make insects run away naturally

To avoid spraying insects with pesticides and avoid worms and puces coming to an agricultural plant you can use onions and garlics by planting around the plants places it has two benefits we gain a place and onions and garlic can be picked up later and we make insects run away from the planting place.

How to do it:

Open the garlic to plant each piece of it alone. Make a distance between each garlic piece from 12 to 15 cm. same as for onion each one will be planted as same distance around. It will be watered whenever the plants place is watered.

This way can be used in small gardins as for big one.

To make flying bugs run away from the sitting place in the garden.

Plant some lavendar around insects hate the smell as it has other benefits:

  • Foliage and dried flowers for culinary and herbal use
  • Copious nectar for our honeybees, wild bumblebees and butterflies
  • Unmatched beauty in our landscapes

in this way you avoid using coils or other ways to get rid of bugs.