Perfect and Romantic Date Ideas!

1. A walking date

Going on a walk with your boo will provide you with the opportunity to spend some romantic alone time together. Long walks can serve as a bonding experience and can strengthen your relationship with talking and listening. And you can go on a walking date any time of year. A walk on a warm summer night is intimate.

A walk on a cool winter with coffee in hand is cozy and romantic. Fall and spring were practically made to be walked around in especially in a heavy rain and an umbrella. Sunsoul near the beach, long road in the trees, downtown... choosing nice places and taking pictures while walking is a great idea and will make your walk more romantic and memorable.

2. Picnic Lunch

Take a walk to a city park or on a hiking trail in the mountains and bring along a picnic lunch of your favorite foods. Take a break in the middle of your walk to sit down and enjoy a romantic meal with each other. While you are eating you can discuss the sights you have seen together during your walk or talk about your plans for the future together. A perfect picnic translates itself into the most refreshing memories.

3. Lunch near the beach

Nothing beats a beach restaurant. The combination of the gentle sea breeze and the swishing of the sea on the sand creates the perfect atmosphere. having a table for two, ordering sea food and a bottle of wine and enjoy the sea view is one of the amazing experience. A romantic picnic on the beach at sunset is a great idea too.

4. Romantic Camping

A romantic camping adventure with your significant other is a great way to stoke the embers of your relationship. It needs a well planning: choosing a great destination near river, stream, hot spring, lake or ocean, having a view. Preparing appropiate clothes and equipements that fit the weather. When planning a couple’s romantic camping getaway, food selection is a crucial part. Consider bringing some delicious meals and drinks. Consider a good old fashioned campfire cause nothing is more romantic while camping than cuddling up together beside a well-stoked campfire.

5. Activities

Trying new things together will make date fun , romantic and memorable.

  1. Go on a bike ride. Not only do you get some fresh air with your partner, but you also get in a tiny lil workout that doesn’t feel much like a workout at all.
  2. telephrique: have a tour on telepherique passing over city is romantic.
  3. rafting: sometimes challenge is romantic. Rafting or other physical sports bring enthusiasm and let one discover other person sides.

6. Sharing Hobbies

Sharing hobbies will make your relationship even stronger. Relationships are about doing things together and having fun with your significant other. Seeing your partner in his natural element allows you to gain a deeper insight into who he is as a person.

Escape on a fishing holiday together. Hook up and eat your catch. Take pictures together with your trophy fish. Create memorable memories. This adventure offers a balance On and Off the water, combining fishing, superb dining, or just having snack and wine when watching sunset.

Please add comment for any new idea :D