How do you know this person is right for you?

We feel attracted, we're in love, but is he a good person? is he the person that i can live with and build a permanent love with? One of Nowadays proplems is to know if the person we like is really the right person or there is another better. Often we meet people who can't make a decision of commitment because the fear to loose a better chance is a big thing. you don't know what to decide? you can't be sure 100%, follow your instinct and these small signs that never disappoint.

1. You have intellectual communication

If the discussion is fun, you bith have a thousand things to tell and that you both are interested in most of the topics you have a good intellectual connection.

2. You care for each other

if he askes you how was your day or if he relieves you during a difficult time in your life, it a sign that this person compromises his narcissistic desire for gratification in order to take care of your well-being. His level of sympathy for you will be important in the development of your relationship. On the contrary.
A relationship is not a place where we are "a mother", as it interacts with each other. We are in an adult adult relationship. The other wants the best of what we want to be, and vice versa.

3. Humor takes a big place

If you both laugh together, the bond takes hold and you can both be honest with each other. The important thing is that you both have somewhat of the same humor. If you are not the dirty, humorous type and that potential person throws these types of jokes over and over again, communication may be less easy. Know that if his mood is bothering you at first, that discomfort will double that five times after a few months of dating.

4. Spending more time together

If you two have been spending time together and want those moments never to end, the chemistry is on. Also, one of the signs that your relationship isn't about sex is when you want to stay together even after sex. If the other person tends to get dressed and leave soon after, ask yourself questions about their true intentions for commitment.

5. You both have an admiration for each other

The person who falls in love inevitably gets the liking of the other. As this feeling develops throughout the relationship, having it early is a sign that you are on the right track. You admire his drawing skills and he admires your leadership of things, this mutual pride will work to cultivate unwavering affection. The idea is not to perfect the other person, but rather to learn about their full potential. Be careful if you feel from the start undervalued or judged by the slightest disagreement.

6. You simply feel this

If you feel emotionally safe with this person, that he makes you dream, and that you have a deep conviction that he is the right person for you, why ask yourself a thousand questions? Give yourself a chance to get to know each other, deepen the relationship, and visualize what the future could be with him.

7. He is unlike any other

We often see it as the right choice when we let go of the painful pattern of past relationships. Something new in its place begins. Suddenly, we don't return the same expectations forever. Suddenly, the other doesn't seem like partners of the past at all, but it touches on something that has a deep meaning for us. We will be able to share very personal topics with him / her, and implement a project close to our hearts, sometimes without us even knowing about it yet. He comes to join us, to search for us within a very unique part of ourselves: our creativity, our deepest wishes ... it helps us fulfill ourselves.

8. Expressing for each other

We can express ourselves freely, telling each other what's bothering us without fear of reactions, without fear of offense. Of course, it's not about making accusations, hurting or verbally abusing. But it must be possible to address all issues openly: gender, politics, children's education ... and the other listens to us without judgment, criticism, restriction, manipulation, criticism, contempt or manipulation. Individual differences are neither a fear factor nor a risk factor.

9. Being normal with each other

We are not afraid of being ourselves and showing ourselves as we are, without a body. We accept ourselves as we are with our small flaws and weaknesses. It's not about letting go but the ability to be normal without feeling guilty, without the fear of losing love. After a day's work, we can show our tiredness.
We feel safe. We do not feel compelled to turn to another person to please him or to match the expectations that we imagine we should meet her or that he / she will formulate it: “You are not enough”, “You should be like this ...” etc ... It is precisely the fact that you are On your nature, to be honest, to be authentic and to show yourself in all its aspects that nourish love and bond.

10. Feeling better

It may sound very simple, but nonetheless it is a sine qua non: just feeling happy. Whether you're going to the movies, sitting in bed, or sharing pies, once it's there, you feel fine. The questions stop rushing in your head, giving way to a sense of harmony. This feeling is rare: it's precious, and it's a perfect indicator for you to realize whether this person is making you happy.

Even if you love him/her, you will never know in one night whether this person will be able to share the rest of your life. Time and shared experiences will do the rest. If you want to wake up every morning with face in front of your eyes, and if the little things in everyday life make you happy (preparing breakfast, buying the fruits of the week at the market ...), then think that you are lucky: this charming person has a good chance to be the one who will accompany you for a while long ...
Either way, when it comes to defining what the other person in your life stands for, it's your instincts that will tell you.

We are not all equal: While some are willing to invest in a serious and stable relationship, others are still in the volatile phase, hampered by fear of the other and / or fear of losing their independence.
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