Planning for a travel trip in 5 steps!

So you worked hard all year and now you decided to have a vacation but you want everything to be well planed and with all precautions. Evitable complexities and bad events are so many like being lost, wasting time, out of budget, getting cold, having some simple sickness...

Here is a best planning to make for a travel trip:

1. Choose the destination

It is confusable sometimes to pick a destinations. Sometimes you think of a country all year but you end up traveling to somewhere else. Three criterias will determine your destination. It depends on the season, purpose and budget.

  1. season: for winter countries you may choose snowing cities, for summer you may choose sunny and warm beaches.
  2. purpose:so if you look for a relaxing trips you must trend to warm countries with beaches and recreation services. If you look for discovering trips you must trend to historical cities with castles and cultures.
  3. budget:it depends on the distance and season. But still you can find a good budget for all purposes.

2. Take best offers

Either agency or booking online try to take best offers for flight and hotel. if you are planning to visit many cities make sure your hotel is close to all services and is next to transport station. if the cities are so far from each you can book in multiple hotels so you avoid come back trails.

3. Planning the days

Choose most important and interesting cities to visit. Check on map to see if they are on same line and can be reached easily. Check for transportation facilities and tickets costs if they are affordable and into budgets. Check for trains scheduel and time needed to reach each city.

4. City research

Make researches on each city , best places to visit (castles, cathedrals,..), activities to try ( jeep safary, boat trip, kayaki,...), things to buy (handmade, real leather,...) and food to taste. Calculate the budget needed on each city be aware of some places have entrance fees.

5. Suitcase checklist

Make a list of items you will pack so you will avoid forgetting any. Take clothes for each day, comfortable boots, take some sweets, medicines for emergency for diareha and nausea and pain relief.

Bon Voyage!!